Braiding Classes

All classes are for parents and kids are 2.5 hours long. First 1.5 hours parents will be practicing on the doll heads and then braid their little ones. While you are practicing we recommend to get an entertainment for the kids - an exciting workshop (Cookie Doodle / Potion Stations / Teenie Teddies) for kids under 12 years old. Workshop cost is $200 for the group of 6-8 kids ($33 per kid).

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teaching at home.png
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At The Venue

Join us our class with 5 other parents at the cool venue with snacks and drinks

Cost: $120 per adult


Learning braids is fun! What can be more fun? Learning it with your friends! no need to go anywhere. Be the host for this unique class! You can share your skills with up to 5 more moms.

cost: $360 ($60 per adult if you SPLIT between the 6 of you. 6 moms maximum)

Private Classes

we also offer one on one EXPERIENCE to focus on the braid types you like the most and bring them to PERFECTION.

cost: $170 for 1 person or $270 for 2 people